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Health Testing

I highly recommend doing as much research as possible before deciding on your new family member.

  • Orthopedic Foundation for Animal (OFA)
  • PennHIP
  • Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF)

Learning about Labradoodles

  • Australian Labradoodle Association of America and International Australian Labradoodle Association
  • Labradoodle Association of Australia
  • Australian Labradoodle Club of America
  • Discovering Labradoodles

Other Breeders

Please do your research and ask each breeder about health testing, living conditions of breeding dogs, and health guarantees.
Premium Breeders List – Excellent website about health testing!
Annabelle Doodles – Maine, USA
Australian Labradoodles in PA – Pennsylvania USA
Australian Labradoodles U.S.A. – Pennsylvania, USA
Back Porch Labradoodles – California, USA
BC-Doodles – British Columbia, Canada
Big Sky Doodles – Alberta, Canada
Blazing Star Kennel – Manitoba, Canada
California Labradoodles – California, USA
Canadian Doodle Puppies – Ontario, Canada
Canadoodles – British Columbia, Canada
Canyon Court Labradoodles – California, USA
Cedar Park Labradoodles Texas, USA
Chicago Labradoodles Illinois, USA
Cloudcatcher Labradoodles Downunder – Australia
Copper Canyon Labradoodles – BC, Canada
Coulee Labradoodles – Alberta, Canada
Cortland Labradoodles –Pennsylvania, USA
Dixie’s Doodles – Texas, USA
Eden Valley Manor- Maryland, USA
Gemstone Labradoodles- British Columbia, Canada
Halton Hills Labradoodles – Ontario, Canada
Heartsong Labradoodles – Kentucky, USA
Labradoodle Angels – Oregon, USA
Landmark Labradoodles – Connecticut, USA
Laurel Mountain Labradoodles – Pennsylvania, USA
Lincoln Manor Labradoodles– Indiana, USA
Living Streams Labradoodles – Montana, USA
Log Cabin Labradoodles – Maine, USA
Manor Lake Labradoodles – Washington, USA
Northwest Australian Labradoodles- Washington, USA
Noble Vestal Labradoodles- Indiana, USA
Ocean State Labradoodles – Rhode Island, USA
Olympic Labradoodles – Washington, USA
Prairie Doodles – Alberta, Canada
Puppy Love Labradoodles – Alberta, Canada
Rainmaker Ranch Labradoodles – Florida, USA
Sandyhill Labradoodles – British Columbia, Canada
Shady Maple Doodles – British Columbia, Canada
Seaspray Australian Labradoodles – Florida, USA
Sea Crest Goldendoodles – Nova Scotia, Canada
Shed Less in Seattle – Washington, USA
Serendipity Labradoodles – Rhode Island, USA
Sierra Vista Labradoodles – California, USA
Spring Creek Labradoodles & Goldendoodles OR, USA
Springville Labradoodles – Oregon, USA
Sunset Hills Australian Labradoodles – Australia
Sun Valley Labradoodles – British Columbia, Canada
Sutter Buttes Labradoodles &Goldendoodles; – CA, USA
Tampa Bay Labradoodles- Florida, USA
Tuscan Ridge Labradoodles – North Carolina, USA
Urban Doodles – Alberta, Canada
Walk in the Park Doodles – Washington, USA
Whipple Tree Labradoodles – Alberta, Canada
Windsor Creek Labradoodles – Pennsylvania, USA

Discussion Forums

  • Doodle Discussion Forum
  • Doodle Lovers Chat
  • Labradoodle Open Forum
  • Mel’s Chat Page
  • Rutland Manor’s Labradoodle Chit Chat

Dog Training Links

  • An excellent source to find a dog trainer: Association of Pet Dog Trainers
  • My favourite dog trainer: Hot Diggity dogs

Health Insurance

Please look into pet insurance for your new puppy.

  • Click here for United States Insurance
  • Click here for Canada Insurance

Sites of Interest

Studio Fritz – Absolutely the best dog artist!
Mel’s Website
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Adorable Dog Tags
Puppy Raising Article
Hip Dysplasia – A Mini-Tutorial for the Puppy Buyer
Dog Breeds – Find detailed descriptions of more than 200 dog breeds
Dogs, Dogs, a Canine Wonderland!
Goldendoodle Stuff (and Labradoodle)
Early De-sexing Article
Early Spay Neuter Information
Doodle Magazine
Puppy Mills – Please don’t buy your puppy from a pet store! If you don’t want to wait for one of our puppies I can help you find a good breeder who might have a puppy sooner.

International Australian Labradoodle Association

Australian Labradoodle Association of America

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