Visiting our Australian Labradoodle…

Visitor Policy

Our dogs love meeting new people! They are well socialized, friendly and happy dogs. Since our dogs live in our home with us this means we need to schedule all visits. Even though we enjoy meeting new people and showing off our dogs, we cannot constantly have people coming through our home. We make appointments for people who want to meet us and our dogs. Our dogs live in our home as much loved family members. We are not a kennel, pet store, or any other type of facility. Our dogs do not live in a garage or outside in the yard. They live in our home as cherished members of our family.

We only schedule visits when we do not have young puppies at home. It is not safe for unvaccinated puppies to have lots of visitors. The health of our dogs is our utmost concern.

If you are coming to meet us please do not visit any other breeders, vet clinics, pet stores, doggie parks, shelters, or any other dog places on the day of your visit. We cannot risk having deadly diseases brought into our home.

Please email us if you would like to schedule a visit. We look forward to hearing from you!

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