Health Warranty

Australian Labradoodle Health Warranty…

Health Testing of Our Breeding Dogs

We want to do everything in our power to ensure our puppies are as healthy as possible. To reach this goal we will only breed our dogs once they have completed, and done well on, all their health testing.

We will only breed our dogs if we are certain they are happy and healthy. We will gladly show you your puppy’s parents’ health testing results. We welcome any and all comments or questions!

Our Warranty

Health is extremely important to us. We are sure your new family member will enter your family with a wonderful temperament and a clean bill of health. We will be here for questions or comments for the lifetime of your dog.

Your new puppy comes with a three year warranty against any genetic health problem that affects the dog’s quality of life.

Our dogs mean the world to us. We will gladly take any of our dogs back if at ANYTIME they need a new home. We will always be here for our dogs and their new families.

Morning Smile Australian Labradoodles Health Warranty

Breeder’s Responsibility:

  1. The Breeder guarantees the puppy is in good health at the time of delivery. The Buyer has three days to take the puppy into a veterinarian for an examination. If the puppy is found to be of poor health the Buyer has the option of returning the puppy to the Breeder for a full refund or keeping the puppy and the Breeder will reimburse for all veterinary costs, up to the purchase price, related to the pre-existing condition.
  2. The Breeder provides a warranty for three years after the date of sale against any serious genetic disorder that affects the dog’s quality of life. Should a serious genetic disorder be discovered, the Breeder will offer a replacement puppy from the next available litter or refund the original purchase price (breeders choice). Your puppy does not need to be returned to us. All veterinary records must be supplied to the Breeder. In the case of HD the Buyer must provide documentation from PennHIP or OFA. In the case of cataracts or PRA the Buyer must provide documentation from a veterinary ophthalmologist.
  3. The Breeder reserves the right, at the Breeder’s expense, to have the dog checked by a veterinarian of the Breeder’s choice before offering a replacement puppy or refund.

Buyer’s Responsibility:

  1. The Buyer will provide the dog a caring and loving home.
  2. The Buyer will take the dog to a veterinarian for an annual check-up and all preventative treatment recommended by the veterinarian will be followed.
  3. The Buyer will take the dog to either group or private training classes by the time the dog is five months of age.
  4. The Buyer will feed the dog only a premium quality dog food. The Breeder recommends California Natural, Innova, Wellness, Azmira, Solid Gold, Canidae, or a balanced raw diet. Pet food sold in grocery stores does not constitute a premium pet food.
  5. The Buyer will not allow the dog to become overweight or allow repetitive, rigorous exercise during the first year of development.
  6. The Buyer will contact the Breeder immediately if the Buyer can no longer look after the dog at ANY point during the dog’s life. The Breeder will pay the Buyer 3/4 of the purchase price if the dog is returned in the first year after the sale. Thereafter the Breeder will pay the Buyer 1/2 of the purchase price.

I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions set out above.

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